Welcome to my abstract world. In my art, I combine different techniques and colors to create works that evoke emotions and sensations. With bright and striking tones, my style is dynamic and full of movement, always seeking to surprise and captivate the viewer. My work is characterized by constant experimentation, searching for new forms of expression and using different materials to enrich the visual experience. Discover my abstract universe and let yourself be carried away by the energy and emotion of each work.

Abstract artwork
Certified Works

All paintings come with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity, it also includes a small 3D printed easel so you can display it with pride. 

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificado dlopezartist Arte abstracto


Experiment and create to find the best way to share ideas. Use technology to find new supports and paths.

Exposición Realidad Virtual

Light Effects


Paint with metallic tones to create different effects, using spray, acrylic or gold leaf to achieve these reflections.


Painting with great light absorption capacity so that in the darkest moments it continues to dazzle like a work of art.


It is a light that affects certain pigments and makes them mutate into another colour to the delight of our eyes.


Here you will find a wide variety of abstract artwork created in a bold and vibrant color palette. From bold, bold hues to subtler, more delicate combinations, each piece is carefully designed to convey a specific emotion or mood. The colors used in each work are carefully selected to create harmony and visual balance, and to evoke unique sensations in each viewer. Explore my gallery and discover the magic of colors in abstract art!

Dream Rooms

Enjoy a completely different room, everyday you will share a moment of peace.

Painting: «Splash»

Cuadro Splash dlopezartist Arte abstracto


Abstract Cuadrado 3D

Otra forma de hacer arte con las nuevas tecnologías y explorar mundos digitales para crear obras tangibles con varias dimensiones.

Social Networks

In my Instagram account you can get to know me a little more and see many of the animated pictures. 

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