Las formas, los colores, el movimiento y la luz se juntan para experimentar dentro de un lienzo en el que crear arte abstracto y contemporáneo.


The character of the pieces depends on the movement to generate organic forms that delight our eye.


Experimentar y crear para encontrar la mejor manera de compartir ideas. Utilizar la tecnología para buscar nuevos soportes y caminos.

3D print: «Golden Hour» 

Funda Iphone dlopezartist Arte abstracto

Social Networks

In my Instagram account you can get to know me a little more and see many of the animated pictures. 

Dream Rooms
Arte abstracto

Disfruta de un salón completamente distinto con el que compartir todos los días un momento de paz.

Painting: «Splash»

Cuadro Splash dlopezartist Arte abstracto

Abstract Art

In this video you can enjoy the different paintings and effects that some of the most daring paintings have.

Painting: Double canvas «Fresi»

Obras de arte abstracto

All paintings come with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity, it also includes a small 3D printed easel so you can display it with pride. 

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificado dlopezartist Arte abstracto

Light Effects


Paint with metallic tones to create different effects, using spray, acrylic or gold leaf to achieve these reflections.


Painting with great light absorption capacity so that in the darkest moments it continues to dazzle like a work of art.


It is a light that affects certain pigments and makes them mutate into another colour to the delight of our eyes.

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